About PRIODY Cosmetics


It’s different, unique, special – exactly! We’re talking about PRIODY Cosmetics, designed to let your inner beauty shine through! 100% natural, our products are made only with the highest quality ingredients. The choice of these ingredients was the first and the most important step towards the production of amazing PRIODY cosmetics.

The finest quality and the highest possible concentration of ingredients – those are the main differences between PRIODY and other cosmetics brands that flood the market. These features are precisely what makes our customers feel beautiful, comfortable, and cheerful. And that makes us happy too!

Our vision is to offer you the highest quality cosmetics made of pure natural ingredients. As a matter of course, we constantly work on expanding our product range and improving customer service.

Do you wish to keep your natural beauty? Do you wish to feel attractive? Do you wish to look young and healthy? Then it’s time to meet PRIODY Cosmetics... products inspired by nature.


What makes PRIODY Cosmetics so different?

Cosmetic products by PRIODY go through a long manufacturing process. There aren’t only leading experts involved in the process - customer requirements, preferences, and experiences are also taken into account.

PRIODY Cosmetics tries to make the best use of what nature provides to us! Therefore, you‘ll find not only hyaluronic acid or collagen in PRIODY products, but also high concentration of active substances, and quality ingredients. No doubt our products are so effective! All of the natural extracts come from proven environmentally-friendly sources. This is how we can guarantee complete purity and maximum concentration of the ingredients, and the finest quality of each product.

Since the cosmetics is natural, we don‘t use any artificial colors, synthetic substances or other chemicals. Moreover, PRIODY Cosmetics is cruelty-free.


Individual approach

Another reason PRIODY Cosmetics is extraordinary is that, unlike multinational companies, we don’t produce our cosmetics on a mass scale. PRIODY emphasizes quality, and satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, the products are sold in small packages – this way we‘re able to avoid the use of preservatives and we can deliver them to our clients as soon as possible after they are produced.


PRIODY abroad

Even though PRIODY Cosmetics sells its products not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad, for example in Slovakia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, USA or Near East, it keeps its uniqueness and doesn’t yield to the commercial pressure. PRIODY Cosmetics doesn‘t reduce production costs at the expense of quality. We don’t compromise our standards. We attract customers with the quality of our products, not with the lowest price. We believe in our products and their quality.


Products for women and men

PRIODY is a great solution for many skin problems. Each of the products is suitable for all skin types, whether it’s female, male, oily or dry skin. PRIODY cosmetic line is composed of 30 unique products, including facial creams, micellar waters, nutritious serums, and facial masks. Every woman and man can choose between various products, which will help them get fresh and youthful look, and make them feel special.


About PRIODY Cosmetics brand