Loyalty program by PRIODY.com

We truly appreciate our customers and love to see you coming back. ;-) That is why we created a special loyalty program for all of our registered customers. Its goal is to reward all of the regular customers.

How does the PRIODY loyalty program work?

Our loyalty program consists of several bonuses:

1. BONUS - DISCOUNT: 5% off for subscribing to our newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page and you will get 5% off your purchase.

2. BONUS - POINTS: you will get points equal in value to 5% of the total price of your purchase (shipping costs not included) on your account at PRIODY.com. You can use these points with the next purchase within 45 days.

3. BONUS - REVIEWS: 14 days after buying a product you will receive an email invitation to write a review. If you do so you will be rewarded with a $1 voucher. You can write up to 20 various PRIODY products reviews.

4. BONUS – REFER A FRIEND: sign up to your account at PRIODY.com (sign in) and click on the Refer a friend button. Refer PRIODY to your friends. Every time a friend you refer make a purchase you both get a $5 off voucher. The number of these type of vouchers is unlimited.

5. BONUS – SPECIAL OFFERS: once or twice a year we contact our loyal customers with a special offer you simply cannot refuse. ;-)

6. BONUS - VIP: if the total value of your purchases at PRIODY.com exceeds $500 you will automatically become a member of our VIP club and get 25% off all of our PRIODY cosmetics.

ALL THE BONUSES AND DISCOUNTS can be combined and apply also on our special offers!!!

On top of that we are a part of the LYONESS group. ;-) If you are a LYONESS member you can get so-called „cashback“ – 2% off and 1.5 Shopping Points. Do not forget to include your Lyoness ID when purchasing a product!

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